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Mahayana Wikipedia

Etymology According To Jan Nattier The Term Mahyna Great Vehicle Was Originally An Honorary Synonym For Bodhisattvayna Bodhisattva Vehicle The

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Dharmakaya Teaching Wellbeing Through The Skills Of

Abhidharma Tibetan Choe Ngon Pa The Buddhist Teachings Are Often Divided Into The Tripitaka The Sutras Teachings Of The Buddha The Vinaya Teachings On Conduct

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Buddhist Texts Wikipedia

Buddhist Texts Were Initially Passed On Orally By Monks But Were Later Written Down And Composed As Manuscripts In Various Indoaryan Languages Which Were Then

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The Namo Buddha Glossary Thrangu Rinpoche

Abhisheka Tib Wang To Do A Vajrayana Practice One Must Receive The Empowerment Or Abhisheka From A Qualified Lama One Should Also Receive The Practice Instruction

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